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Our course, while challenging, offers generous greens and wide fairways making sure that it is suitable for the average golfer. The Graham Marsh designed, 18-hole par 72 championship golf course is a premier golfing experience and with our very affordable membership prices it makes Emerald Lakes the preferred choice for membership.


Hole 1

The first hole is a par 4 dogleg right requiring an accurate drive to a narrow landing area between two fairway bunkers. Your shot into the green is protected by a bunker and grassy shapes that will test your accuracy… READ MORE >

Hole 2

The second hole is a short par 5 with O.B on the left for the entire hole. Fairway bunkers will test your confidence and distance off the tee. It is generously open from here to the green. The shot into the green is tight… READ MORE >

Hole 3

The third is a long par 3 with a lake on down the left and two green side bunkers that will challenge most golfers. The green is tiered and although fairly open at the front, the back pin position will require one of the toughest shots in golf… READ MORE >

Hole 4

An accurate drive is required for the fourth hole which is a tight par 5 with water along the right and trees along the left. The decision from here will be either to lay up to a wide landing zone short of the lake… READ MORE >

Hole 5

The fifth is a short par 3 with a narrow creek running across the front of a undulating green.Bunkers are located front left and one behind the green. Errant tee shots will see you faced with a challenging chip and putt for par… READ MORE >

Hole 6

The sixth is another narrow and long par 5. Off the Tee water guards the right side of the hole with bunkers and O.B down the left. Once in play the second shot is equally dangerous with large lakes and a creek framing both sides into the green… READ MORE >

Hole 7

The seventh hole is a good strong par 4. Fairway bunkers and water up the right force you to play out to the left. It is important to be straight off the tee setting up your approach shot to a raised green that is nagged with bunkers…READ MORE >

Hole 8

The eighth is a short par 3 and an accurate tee shot is required. With deep bunkers at the front and rear of this elevated green, a stray shot will see you faced with a tough recovery up a steep embankment to some tight pin positions… READ MORE>

Hole 9

The ninth is a birdie hole! A short par 4 with trees and O.B along the left, the two tier green is surrounded by bunkers at the front and on both the left and right sides. Play this one down the right hand side for best access into the green… READ MORE>

Hole 10

The tenth hole is a strategic par 4 that can be played well or terribly should you misplace your tee shot. A fairway bunker on the right side with plenty of trees lining both sides of the fairway. The green approach is intimidating with two bunkers… READ MORE >

Hole 11

The eleventh hole is a narrow straight par 4. A waterway runs adjacent to the hole down the right hand side. Bunkers at the front and right of the green guard the difficult three tier green which can provide some testing two putts…READ MORE>

Hole 12

Hole twelve is a par 5 with a dramatic dog leg that requires an accurate tee shot if you want to reach this green in regulation. Thick trees line both sides of the hole off the tee. With a good tee shot, the second shot requires you to carry a creek… READ MORE >

Hole 13

The thirteenth, par 3 requires a short to mid iron off the tee. Water on the right and two bunkers pinching the green, an accurate tee shot may save you some frustration. The green is divided by a strong ridge and sits up in the back left corner… READ MORE >

Hole 14

As one of our signature holes this par 5 is long and challenging but can be very rewarding if played right. Your tee shot will be tested by the large lake on the left which stretches the entire length of the golf hole. The right side is fenced by dense trees… READ MORE >

Hole 15

The fifteenth is a straight par 4 with OB on the left and trees along the right. One of the widest fairways on the course once you have passed some of the largest trees that reach out for any balls that are left. The only bunker on this hole sits at the front left of the green… READ MORE >

Hole 16

The sixteenth hole is a long par 4 with trees along the left and a large fairway bunker on the right. You will have a mid to long iron left into a narrow undulating green guarded by a bunker to the right and a grass hollows to the left… READ MORE >

Hole 17

The seventeenth is our longest par 3 and challenges a strong finish from any golfer. This hole requires a long iron or wood to reach the undulating green that is supported by two bunkers on the right side and grassy shapes on the left… READ MORE >

Hole 18

Heading home with the clubhouse in the distance, the eighteenth is a challenging par 4. Water introduced off the tee and a fairway bunker on the right, framed with trees on the left, your position on this generous fairway is important to have the best shot into the green… READ MORE >

``The 19th``

After a great game of golf there is nothing better than recapping the day’s trials and jubilations with your fellow golfers. Enjoy a relaxing cold beverage or bite to eat at one of our dining venues. With menus offering a wide range of casual meals to enjoy a sumptuous snack or a formal menu for those wishing to enjoy a leisurely, light lunch with friends or a more formal evening meal.


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